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Coagulation, unite as one, and tug-of-war activities
Release time:2011-01-12  

To advocate the spirit of civilization, exercise the healthy body, gather employees unity strength, strengthen the group cooperation spirit, enrich the cultural life of the enterprise, Guangdong Xinhuafeng  Medical Technology Co., LTD. Held the tug-of-war activity on October 29, 2015, 7 PM, organised tug of war. 

In the game,our team member hard work, all people are both nerous mood on the field and off the court,  filling the rhythmic chants over the field for a long time. Especially  it is the time to difficultly won and lost i, all the player have no retreat, bite the bullet and stick it out.The players have high morale in the pitch, with their sweat meaning the unity for us. Their indomitable willpower and the spirit of hard to let every person was moved.Cheerleading is enthusiastic,whooping in the pitch .That add a bright spot and   brings a force! 

This activity aims to develop the enterprise staff solidarity and collaboration, the enterprising spirit of collectivism.In the process of game, our team finished the race with this spirit, each team member is blended in among this activity, pushing the atmosphere to the highest level.This game show our company staffs have good spirit, to strengthen between various department staff cohesion and centripetal force, and to help employees to establish positive and optimistic attitude towards life.


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