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Good estimate for our beds
Release time:2015-12-20  

Guangdong xinhuafeng medical technology Co.,ltd. is mainly specializing in the production of the bed, wheelchair, crutch, rehabilitation equipment .And the hospital bed is very interested in the most of customers.They have the very good market feedback our company specially in the introduction for bed to make the following:

Beds can also be referred to as the medical bed, nursing bed, etc, is used when the patient in hospital beds, mainly using occasions such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and home etc.

A, the types of the bed:

According to the material, can be divided into ABS beds, all stainless steel beds, half stainless steel bed, full steel plastic hospital beds, etc.

According to the use, can be divided into medical beds, household sickbed.

According to the feature, can be divided into the bed of manual and electric beds, the electric beds can be divided into two, three or five functional electric beds, such as maternity bed, and manual beds can be divided into flat beds, single wave bed, double or three manual beds.

B, the characteristics of the bed

1. Multi-function nursing bed is according the opinions by the professors of hospitals and the patient who are in the sufferings of bedridden for years.Specially designed for the patient cannot provide for oneself, the disabled, paralysed, and the special needs of maternal care bed. The function are back up and down, , electric curved and plat legs etc, its main characteristic is the motor configuration, process design and luxury equipment, such as aluminum guardrail, controller, full control of caster wheel brake, etc., generally applies to intensive department for Seriously ill patients .

2. The multifunctional manual nursing bed according to the number of the rocker, generally can be divided into luxury multi-function three-manual nursing bed, two-manual nursing bed and single-manual nursing bed. Its main characteristic is the rocker device and can be configured with different accessories, such as reasonable process design and difference material etc, generally applies to in-patient department in hospitals.

3. General nursing bed (flat bed), as the case may be, can contain simple manual bed , widely used in hospitals and clinics, nursing homes and home, etc.

C, Optional accessories For beds:

1, removable multi-function table, when you are finished eating can remove at the bottom of the bed;

2, equipped with waterproof mattress, the liquid can not penetrate the surface and wipe easily, keep the bed clean for a long time, permeability is strong, facilitate cleaning and sanitation, no peculiar smell, comfortable and durable.

3, stainless steel adjustable infusion stand, the user can drip in the home, more convenient for users and nursing staff.

4, the removable type head and foot board of the bed , is advantageous for the nursing staff for the user to shampoo, wash feet, massage, daily care.


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